I’m A Fighter Lrics by Aaradhna

[Verse 1:] I’m a lady that comes with no chances That means if I spot a sign of trouble your gone To many times before, seemed I always played the fool How was I to know, I was young and Gullible I let the guys play my heart as if it was a toy I… Read more »

Secret Lover Lrics by Aaradhna

[Chorus] Yukato may de sanche tu Chanke who dey tempe poe yo ya he who Me tumbe bordo ya y whoo Chala oh ay ee ya ka aye dana kona koya he eykay Geto ca con a he geto ca con a heyyyayyyyeee I thought I caught you staring from across the room Come over… Read more »

Why Lrics by Aaradhna

I know that I got a boo But… But damn I just can’t stop thinking ’bout you Don’t get me wrong ‘Cause I liked you long Before he ever was there uh Boy I was gonna make a move ‘Cause I was too late You already found yourself another date So I moved on But… Read more »

I Love You Lrics by Aaradhna

[Aaradhna Breaks Into Beatboxing] [Verse 1:] Ain’t No Need To Worry, Coz I Still Love You Baby, Your Tha Only One For Me, Ain’t Nobody Else I Need, Don’t You Ever Leave, Coz There’s Alotta Lovin..I Owe You You Just Gotta Know That Yeah That I Love You [Chorus:] I Love You [Verse 2:] I… Read more »

Knowing You Lrics by Aaradhna

[VERSE 1:] In this world of sorrow, And broken dreams, I found a place Here I can hide. In the depth of your charms, Is all I need to know ‘coz if I could spend my life with you [CHORUS:] Knowing you so long I can neva let you go Things that we have done… Read more »

Please Say You Do Lrics by Aaradhna

[Verse 1] Memories, in my head I just cant stop thinkin About you Your not here with me Darlin I don’t know what to do Never thought that this could ever be [Chorus] Oh I feel that I’m in love with you Please don’t tell me You don’t feel the same Say you do Cos… Read more »

Down Time Lrics by Aaradhna

When Can We Spend Some, D.O.W.N Time, Wanna Spend Some Down Time, With You Baby Down Time, Wanna Spend All Of That, D.O.W.N Time, Wanna Spend Some Down Time, With You Baby Down Time. I’m Sitting Up Here In My Room, And I Just Cannot Stop Thinking About You, I Can Picture Us K.I.S.Sing, And… Read more »

I’m Never Lrics by Aaradhna

[VERSE 1:] Close my eyes Everytime you hold me tight Don’t let go, no Just hold me close It feels so good, things that you do Boy I am..so in love with you And I wanna let you know that I’m never, I’m never [CHORUS:] I’m never gonna say goodbye I’m never gonna leave your… Read more »

I Love You Too Lrics by Aaradhna

[Chorus:] I Love You Oww Oww Ooh Ohh Ooh Ohh Oww Oww Ooh Ohh Ooh Ohh I Love You Oww Oww Ooh Ohh Ooh Ohh Oww Oww Ooh Ohh Ooh Ohh [Verse 1:] Ain’t no need to worry baby Coz I still love you boo Your the only one for me No other kisses would… Read more »

Faith Lrics by Aaradhna

[Verse 1:] I Can Feel It I Can Feel Myself Moving Closer To A Dream Thats Waiting For Me I Know That Ill Come Across A Bumpy Path But Ill Get Through It [X2] [Chorus:] I Can Fly High And I Can Swim Right Under The Ocean Anythings Mine If I Have Faith I Kno… Read more »