Wild Heart Lrics by Sabi

I tried to control it Tried to maintain it Tried to contain it But I failed terribly And I don’t know what to do I tried to hold back And accept the fact – We ain’t perfect But what we got goin’ on might leave us both with bruises Neither one of us wanted either… Read more »

Where They Do That At Lrics by Sabi

Any time the lights go off when I’m alone with you I’ve been doing plenty things I know I shouldn’t do La la la la la tear them down Gimme love, gimme love, gimme love If I take it there with you You know we can’t be friends Ain’t no use in meeting you, even… Read more »

Goodnight Lrics by Sabi

I’m clocking in Like a job I wanna work that body Daddy work that body Going hard, like a rock Come on let me work that body Daddy work that I’m turned up like a speaker Hmm nice to meet ya How ’bout you and me go in where nobody else can see us Hop… Read more »

Champagne Lrics by Sabi

I love the feeling I’m numb to the ceiling We laugh, we dance Gonna enjoy this night, I don’t care what happens Raise glasses to the sky (Raise glasses to the sky) Everybody’s feeling right (Everybody’s feeling right) If we never live a lie (If we never live a lie) We can just pretend tonight… Read more »

Both Of Us Lrics by Sabi

Excuse me, I feel your energy across the room It’s obvi you’re looking at me and you feel it too Have you ever come across chemistry like this before? Bet you never layed your eyes on a girl with a soul this gold One thing that I learned about life You gotta strike when the… Read more »

Love Sounds Lrics by Sabi

Take me through the fire Save my soul with love Rule my kingdom, sire! For emotions love! Uh, uh, uh These are my love sounds, baby Ah, ah, ah These are my love sounds, baby Uh, uh, uh This are my love sounds, baby Ah, ah, ah These are my love sounds, baby Uh, uh,… Read more »

Cali Love Lrics by Sabi

[Hook: Sabi] My top down on my jeep Rollin’ the cali streets My music turnt up My crew mobbin’ like Singing La La La La La La La La Cali Love My top down in my hood Them boys lookin whats good My crew stay turnt up My girls mobbin like what Singing La La… Read more »

Metal Crüe Lrics by Sabaton

Take some venom and accept That you won’t see Nazareth The rainbow leads you home Warrior sent to milky way UFO shooting gamma ray A riot of destruction Watch the rockbitch go down, vixen spread When the priest killed a maiden in the metal church Armored saints and warlocks watched the slaughter Rage of the… Read more »

A Light In The Black Lrics by Sabaton

A cry for help, a distant whisper A foreign nation calling our name Sent to hell, to reach for heaven To serve in dark, as light in the black Sent into battle to aid strangers in need Gain independence, our forces will lead Final solution when all others have failed Liberation is coming our path… Read more »

Back In Control Lrics by Sabaton

Sent to the islands to secure what is ours Marching ashore in the cover of night Hide until dawn and attack in the twilight Shake them awake with the thunder of guns Orders from the iron maiden, get the islands back Failure will not be accepted, call for artillery strike, launch attack We are Back… Read more »